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Jio 5G available in four cities

Jio’s 5G rollout
krishna murthy
Customers in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Varanasi can avail 5G services as the beta trial of Jio 5G has begun
Starting today the service will be available to some user through invitation
The invited users will be ablate try out true 5G services through the 5G Welcome Offer
Under the Welcome Offer, users of Jio will get unlimited 5G data with up to 1 Gbps+speeds
Until Jio announces its 5G plans, the users who get an invitation will get unlimited 5G for free
Those users who are invited will be automatically upgraded to the Jio Welcome Offer
Those who are invited will not have to change their SIM as the 5G connectivity will be available in their existing SIM cards
Users will only have to ensure that their smartphones support 5G connectivity
Jio 5G will be available across the country by December 2023
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