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Is Kiwi really the magic remedy for dengue?

India has witnessed a surge in dengue casualties in recent times.
krishna murthy
Dengue fever is also known as ‘breakbone fever’. Severe dengue has a higher risk of death when not managed appropriately.
While dengue cases are at an all-time high, kiwi fruit claims to be a magic remedy!
Kiwi fruit are in great demand as they too are believed to increase platelet count in dengue patients.
Kiwi is a winner for dengue season as increasing platelets is paramount during dengue.
Besides being rich in vitamin C, it also helps our platelets to stick together and work better
Apart from this, it is also loaded with Vitamins A and E and potassium that significantly balance the electrolyte levels in the body to fight hypertension and high blood pressure.
Furthermore, the copper forms healthy red blood cells (RBCs) to build immunity against dengue fever
A good pH balance in the body is essential for good looking skin. Kiwi has natural alkaline properties, which can help counteract acidic foods
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