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How to celebrate Halloween in a healthy way

krishna murthy
So if you plan to celebrate Halloween, there are certain health tips to follow for Halloween.
Don't overindulge in extra calories and carbs. This can spike your glucose and cholesterol levels and increase the risk of diabetes, obesity or heart diseases.
Try going vegetarian this Halloween. But before you go for your Halloween party, make sure that your tummy is full but not bloated up!
Halloween recipes are mainly sweet treats, which means an abundance of calories and carbohydrates. Replace artificial confectionaries with sweet fruits and dried fruits.
This Halloween, give your family and relatives a healthy treat by replacing junk foods with a well-balanced, nutritious and filling food choices
Halloween costumes can increase the risk of road accidents. Therefore, it is important to not neglect the costume safety and take precautionary measures such as brighter and vibrant costumes for good visibility.
Late-night Halloween parties can keep you awake for longer. So, plan the house-party according to your sleep timings and don't miss out on sleep.
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