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Horror movies to watch on halloween with friends

krishna murthy
Halloween is around the corner, so we can finally begin celebrating the spooky season.
And what better way to honor our collective love for chills and thrills than watching some great horror movies? So, let’s dig into the best horror movies of 2022
'The Conjuring' (2013): James Wan's The Conjuring established one of the genre's most popular franchises ever. It smashed box office records.
'A Quiet Place' (2018): It begins with a simple premise - an attack by monsters with supersonic hearing - and crafts this into a unique and powerful thriller.
'The Skin I Live In' (2011): It offers no jump-scares or schlock, but it might have the most disturbing plot of any film.
'Train to Busan' (2016): Just when the zombie subgenre seemed to be getting stale, this South Korean film from director Yeon Sang-ho burst onto the scene like a runaway train.
'It' (2017): A demonic clown monster, preys on children’s fears, manifesting every child’s unique nightmare.
'Orphan' (2009): This psychological horror revolves around 9 year-old Esther, a nice girl from Russia, but it is discovered that she is not so much a little girl, or even a child.
'Get Out' (2017): 'Get Out' has to be the movie to begin this ranking. I’m a big Jordan Peele fan; these three really are my holy trinity. If you haven’t seen “Get Out,” what are you waiting for?
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