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Alternatives to bursting firecrackers on Diwali

Gowrish Babu
Besides diyas and candles, the festival is also known for firecrackers.
But if you are someone who wants alternatives to firecrackers, we have some interesting ideas for you.
Seed crackers: These are the best alternative to firecrackers. When you burst the seed cracker, it has parts of flowers and fruits.
Ballon crackers can also help you. Fill the balloon with sparkles, biodegradable colour and colourful paper and hang it around the room. When it bursts, it gives sound and colours.
A drone show can also be a good choice. Now, drone shows are used to highlight firecrackers in the sky.
Sky lanterns can be a good option. It can be used at the festival.
You can also try glow sticks. These are colourful and attractive.
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