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Aadhaar misuse: Do's and dont's

Aadhaar is one of the most important documents an Indian citizen can carry.
krishna murthy
Citizens use their Aadhaar numbers to avail a large number of government services, banking, and telecom services.
However, there are lots of myths and perceptions about the usage of Aadhaar among the general public.
Here is a list of dos and dont’s to avoid misuse of Aadhaar.
Use Aadhaar confidently as per your choice to prove your identity.
While sharing your Aadhaar with any trusted entity, exercise the same level of caution that you may do at the time of sharing your mobile number.
Wherever you don’t want to share your Aadhaar number, Use virtual IDs for authentication in place of your Aadhaar number.
Don’t leave your Aadhaar letter/ PVC Card, or its copy thereof, unattended.
Don’t share your Aadhaar openly in the public domain particularly on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. and other public platforms.
Don’t disclose your Aadhaar OTP to any unauthorised entity.
Don’t share your m-Aadhaar PIN with anyone.
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