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5 latest WhatsApp features you need to know

Gowrish Babu
These features will be available for Android as well as iOS users.
Recently, WhatsApp allowed its users to share group calling link to enable users to join a call using that link.
WhatsApp has also been working on many additional features and now it has rolled out five of them in India. Read on to find out more.
Group admins can delete others' messages for everyone. However, all the users on the group can see who deleted the message.
You can also sort out and view all of your unread messages.
One can 'Undo' the deleted messages. This feature comes in handy for many who often make errors or typos when typing on a smartphone.
Now users with the latest version can see the preview of a link/url shared via status update by other users.
WhatsApp has now modified the group exit notification feature. Now only admin/admins of a group will be notified when you leave that group.
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