WWE: Del Rio and Paige indulged in a fight at a wrestling event

By: Raja
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Bengaluru, Dec 14: As we all know by this time that this couple just loves to get into troubles. We are talking about Paige and Alberto Del Rio who is the most talked couple of the year 2016.

They earned the title mostly not for the good reasons but due to the bad images. Once again, they are back on the headline with an incident on the independent wrestling circuit.

Paige and Del Rio (Image courtesy: Youtube)

Del Rio and Paige were present in the event arranged by IWRG that is International Wrestling Revolution Group.

The event took place outside the Mexico City witnessed Del Rio’s brother at the main event. They were there to witness the bout and encourage him. However, things did not go well after the fight was concluded.

According to the Lucha Blog, Del Rio involved into a backstage fight with a local talent. The name of the talent is Alan Xtreme who is better known as Rafy from the Ninja Turtles.

Del Rio and Paige (Image courtesy: Youtube)

He touched either Del Rio or Paige which led into a heated encounter between the two of them.

They were seen trading punches at each other taking the fight to the way in front of the fans. As a result, the fans in attendant also saw them fighting down all the way from the locker room.
Del Rio and Paige (Image courtesy: Youtube)

It was further reported that Rafy’s face was affected by Del Rio’s punches leaving him in a bad condition. Although his condition is stable, he might have been admitted to the hospital. 

Del Rio further clarified the situation saying that the Luchador wrestler touched Paige inappropriately and he got the payback.

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