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Your Ayurvedic guide to summer: 7 Tips to combat heatwave or loo

These cooling ingredients will help reduce heat in the body during summers
Amla: It is an excellent antioxidant, and works to reduce heat all the way from the upper respiratory area to the lower GI tract
Gulkand: Gulkand relieves stomach discomfort while soothing the intestines at the same time.
Bael: Also called bilva, it reduces heat in the liver and intestines, soothes acidity and disturbed digestion
Isabgol: Isabgol or psyllium, according to research, can help preserve intestinal health, especially in the summer
Wheatgrass: It not only protects against skin infections but also helps to avoid heat rash and weariness
Sandalwood: It is extremely cooling for the lymph, blood and circulatory systems
Jatamansi: It is excellent to reduce heat in the head