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You may soon be able to add songs to your Instagram profile!

krishna murthy
That’s right, the feature most commonly looks like what was there on Myspace in 2006.
App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi on his Twitter handle informed that a new 'music' option will available in Instagram’s profile settings.
In addition to the song of their choice, users will also be able to add an optional caption.
However, it is not clear whether the song will play automatically when you visit a profile, or is there something more on it. Also, there is no official word from IG so far.
It should be noted that Instagram currently allows users to add songs to their 'Stories' which are self-destructing posts that appear for just 24 hours from the time of posting.
The songs for 'Stories' can be chosen from the app’s library from the third-party apps available on the system.
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