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You can't take screenshots on WhatsApp anymore

Gowrish Babu
The feature will block users from taking screenshots of disappearing photos and videos, that were shared as 'View Once'.
Users must remember that the 'View Once' feature of WhatsApp was launched earlier this year.
The feature allows people to share media with their contacts only for a limited time.
Once the recipient opens the video, picture, or any file, it gets automatically deleted from the user's chat.
But earlier people were still able to take screenshots before they were deleted and users were bothered by this.
However, this new privacy feature will restrict people from doing so.
Once the feature is available, users would be able to see a pop-up notifications as 'Screenshot Blocked' or 'Screen Recording Blocked' if someone tries to take a screenshot sent as 'View Once'.
The screenshot blocking feature is to maintain the privacy of users so that people don’t save or share a particular photo and video.
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