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You can soon lock screen on WhatsApp desktop

Gowrish Babu
With this feature, users can finally have an additional security measure by protecting the app from unauthorized access when they don’t use their device.
Enabling this feature is optional and probably, the user will have more control over it by choosing when the app should require the password.
A password is required every time the user opens the web WhasApp and it is useful when you share your PC with other people.
The password won’t be shared with WhatsApp: it is always saved locally.
In case you lose the password, you need to log out of the app and log into WhatsApp Desktop again by linking your device with the QR code.
WhatsApp may also implement a feature that lets users lock the app by using Touch ID on a Mac when a fingerprint sensor is available.
Three years ago, WhatsApp had released a screen lock feature for Android and iOS.
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