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World Animal Day 2022: History, significance

Gowrish Babu
It is a day to celebrate animals and the contributions they make to our lives and also a very important day to realise that animals need our help.
This is also an important day to educate people about the significance of respecting the rights of animals and advocating for their well-being.
On March 24, 1925, a cynologist named Heinrich Zimmermann launched what would become known as World Animal Day.
The first-ever established subject for World Animal Day is "shared planet," and it will be celebrated on October 4th, 2022.
According to the website of World Animal Day, the main aim is to raise the status of animals and help improve welfare standards across the globe.
Throughout history, social movements (mass actions) like World Animal Day, have always been a major vehicle for ordinary people’s participation in politics, and key in fighting for social justice and reform.
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