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Winter's here: Keep these tips handy for cold, cough & flu

krishna murthy
Don't worry as we have a list natural remedies that can give you relief from cold, cough, etc.
Every household's spice box has this wonder spice called turmeric. Go ahead and make yourself turmeric milk for relief from cough and flu.
Having a cup of hot chicken soup is sure to make you feel better. For vegetarians, a bowl of tomato or lemon coriander soup will be just fine too.
Ginger tea not only improves immunity but it is also good for sore threat. Replace sugar with honey for added benefit.
Honey has antiviral properties. Add it to tea or warm water to help you recover faster during cold or fever.
Use amla alone or in combination with other plants to treat many ailments such as common cold and fever.
Amla, which is rich in vitamin C and A, polyphenol and flavanoid, can really help you get over a cough and cold easily and prevents seasonal flu.
Well, if none of these works, please consult a doctor immediately.
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