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Winter insects to watch out for

krishna murthy
Many pests go into hibernation, but some enter homes for warmth and food. Read on to know more.
If you spot carpenter ants, you could find yourself with a substantial ant problem very soon.
Ladybugs are cute, and helpful in home gardens. But they can, secreting a yellow fluid with an unpleasant odor that stains.
Silverfish like damp, cold places. Silverfish if not kept in check could lay thousands of eggs, causing an infestation.
Cockroaches can thrive in a wide variety of climates, including extremely cold temperatures. It can multiply quickly, creating an infestation that’s difficult to control.
Although ticks are a summer pest, certain kinds are also considered winter insects. The deer tick is an active winter bug. They are one of the few bugs that bite during the winter, so keep an eye out for them around the house.
Different species of spiders have different ways of dealing with the cold. Many can simply tough it out. Others lay eggs before they die off.
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