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Will Netflix Subscription Prices Drop in India?

In the last three months, Netflix lost over 2 lakh subscribers and the company is expecting another 20 lakh people to unsubscribe to its streaming service in the three months.
Netflix has lost over 2 lakh subscribers in the last 3 months and the company is expecting another 20 lakh members to cancel their subscription in the next three months.
The drop in subscriptions is because of multiple factors including the Ukraine crisis, huge competition, economy and the large number of people who share their Netflix accounts with non-paying households.
The company lost 7 lakh subscribers after the company decided to close shop in Russia.
Rumours on social media doing rounds that Netflix will drop the prices of the plans to make up for the losses.
Company's co-CEO Reed Hastings hinted that Netflix planning to introduce an ad-supported plan which eventually should reduce the price.
However, it has to be noted that the rates of plans were dropped last December for the Indian users.
Netflix's Mobile is available at Rs 149 a month and the Basic plan is priced at Rs 199 a month.