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Why is mustard oil good for skin

Mustard oil has, for years, been used for various skin ailments.
krishna murthy
However, its strong smell and thick texture has shrunk its fanbase considerably.
But if you can handle that, here are a few benefits of using mustard oil on skin during winters.
Mustard oil can be used on dark spots, tan, and pigmentation for lightening them.
The vitamins A, B complex and E in mustard oil are great to prevent ageing.
Apply a small amount of mustard oil before stepping out. It will work like sunscreen due to vitamin E present in it.
The oil is used to cure rashes and skin allergies. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.
The oil is also helpful in lightening the skin tone.
However, be careful while using mustard oil if you already have oily skin.
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