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Why is everything looking so expensive in India

The prices of almost all commodities have shot up
Right from bikes to cars to vegetables to edible oil, the prices of everything has been burning a hole in our pockets
The Russia-Ukraine war and the lockdown at the Shanghai port due to COVID-19 are some of the reasons for the supply chains getting disrupted.
In the case of edible oils, the loss of supplies of sunflower oil from the Black Sea region is likely to keep domestic prices under pressure,” RBI’s April bulletin said
“Even as adverse spillovers through direct trade remain limited, the Russia-Ukraine war may have a significant impact on inflation through the global commodity markets channel, the RBI said
The prices of tomato has seen a 71 per cent increase in one year, while in the case of potato, sunflower oil, mustard oil, masoor oil, the rise has been 17.1, 16.4, 14.5 and 14.1 per cent respectively
The prices of onion, milk, atta and sugar have risen by 8.2, 6.8, 5.6 and 4.5 per cent respectively over the past year
Petrol prices have gone up from Rs 95.4 to Rs 105.4 in the past year. In the case of diesel it has shot up from Rs 86.7 to Rs 96.7
The global inflation is forecast to be 1.5 percentage points higher due to the increase in shipping costs in 2021. The rise in shipping costs peaks in 12 months and lasts up to 18 months