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Why is everyone going gaga over black water?

Gowrish Babu
Yes, the latest health fad, is the talk of the town.
The black water is alkaline water that claims to have numerous health benefits.
It aids weight loss, improves the immune system, is anti-aging, detoxification of the body, and improves gut health.
The ‘alkaline’ in black water with a higher pH level can help neutralise the acid in your body.
Moreover, black water is enriched with more than 70 minerals, which is said to have long-term health benefits.
Black alkaline water in India is selling at Rs 100. While a one-litre bottle of normal mineral water costs Rs 20-40.
Sipping on black alkaline water is the latest trend among celebrities and fitness enthusiasts.
However, experts are not sure about its long-term usage.
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