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Who is Nikolai Patrushev? All you need to know

Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to undergo cancer surgery while temporarily handing over power to the secretary of the country’s Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, media reports claimed.
Born in 1951, Nikolai Patrushev hails from a strong military background.
Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev is said to be Putin’s ‘only truly trusted person and friend in the system of power’.
He is a Russian politician, security officer and intelligence officer who has served as the secretary of the Security Council of Russia since 2008.
Patrushev is the hardline Security Council head and a former KGB counterintelligence officer.
Reports also say Platonovich Patrushev is the mastermind behind Russia’s attack on Ukraine.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Patrushev continued to work in the security services and from 1992 to 1994 he was Minister of Security of the Republic of Karelia.
In 1994 he was brought to Moscow as head of the Directorate of Internal Security of the FSK.
Since 2008, Patrushev has been Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, a consultative body of the President that works out his decisions on national security affairs.