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Where to watch NASA's DART asteroid-smashing mission LIVE?

krishna murthy
The mission is called DART, or Double Asteroid Redirection Test, and it's humanity's first-ever attempt to purposefully move an asteroid.
The impact between the 1,300-pound DART spacecraft and Dimorphos — a 525-foot-wide asteroid that actually orbits a much larger sibling, the half-mile-wide Didymos — will occur some 6.8 million miles from earth.
But the spacecraft has a camera (dubbed "DRACO") that will stream one image per second back to earth in real time. Until the impact, of course.
Where to watch? NASA will live-stream the impact on NASA TV. You can watch on NASA's website. You can watch on NASA TV's YouTube channel. Or you can tune into the embedded NASA livestream.
When to watch: Live coverage begins Sept. 26, 2022, at 3:30 am (IST). The spacecraft will impact Dimorphos at 4:44 a.m (IST)
Alternatively: If you'd like to just watch the "quiet" real-time feed from the DART camera, without the NASA presentation or explanation, you can tune into the NASA Live YouTube channel.
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