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When is the next Karnataka Legislative Election

Gowrish Babu
When will elections be held in Karnataka next
Karnataka went to polls last in 2018 and the BJP emerged as the single largest party, but fell short of a majority
The JD(S) and Congress under H D Kumaraswamy formed the government, but it fell following which the BJP took over under B S Yediyurappa
Yediyurappa stepped down after a few years following which B S Bommai was made the CM
The tenure of the assembly is scheduled to end on May 2023. The previous elections were held in May 2018
This year too the elections are likely to be held in May 2018. The exact date in May would be clear when the Election Commission issues the notification
In 2018 elections were held on May 12. As per the notification last year the elections were to be completed before May 31
Counting of votes was held on May 15 2018
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