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WhatsApp's new feature: Send call link to 32 people for a group call!

krishna murthy
This feature helps a user to create a link to a call, and people you share the link with will be able to jump onto that call by just clicking on it.
Right now, you go to person's whatsapp profile and click on dial to call them up.
If you want to add more people, you 'add participants'. Or you open the group chat to add participants.
Well, with this direct link, as many as 32 users can join the both the audio and video calls with a click.
The new feature will start appearing on the app from this week.
It can be accessed through a banner located at the top of the Calls tab.
However, the Call Link feature needs the latest version of the app.
Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that encrypted video calling is currently being tested for group calls with up to 32 people.
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