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What your sleeping position says about you

What the way you sleep says about you
krishna murthy
Sleep is an important component of our lives and getting adequate amount of sleep is beneficial to your health
Did you know that your sleeping position says a lot about your personality. Read on to find out
Sleeping all curled up is called the fetal position. This means you lack a sense of security and want to get that warm feeling of being hidden inside a mother’s womb
If you like sleeping on our stomach then your personality is quite irritable
The log position is when you sleep on your side with arms and legs stretched out. This means you are easy going and social
Those who sleep on their back are reserved, quiet and like to keep to themselves
If you sleep with your arms tucked under your head then you are cheerful, happy, responsible. This is the star gazer position
Those who sleep on their tummy with arms wrapped around your pillow are bold, sociable but can’t take criticism. This is called the freefaller position
Those who hug their pillow and sleep feel different relations are really important to them. They also cherish personal bonds
If you change your side too often, it means you are going through some rough patches that make you restless at night. Reduce anxiety, stress in such cases
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