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What you must eat to beat the summer

With the mercury rising, here is what you should eat this summer
Watermelon and cucumber are great for the summer. Watermelon contains 91.45 per cent water, while cucumber is loaded with fibre and also contains high amount of water.
Curd and coconut water too are great for the summer. Coconut water is loaded with essential vitamins and has cooling properties. Curd can be eaten directly or by making buttermilk or by making a raita.
Mint is another great herb for the summer. Adding mint in curd or raita will give you added benefits. It will help keep your body cool and make you refreshed.
Lime water is another great addition during the summer. It will not only keep you cool, but will also refresh you during the summer.
Celery has 95 per cent water content and contains essential nutrients that help during the summer heat. Celery has sodium, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc, potassium and zinc.
Onions have cooling properties. If you do not like it raw, add lemon and salt and prepare a salad. Adding onions to daily diet prevents against heat stroke.
Melons and green leafy vegetables are both great for the summer. Melons are loaded with water content and helps you stay hydrated. Green leafy vegetables too have high amount of water content and one should avoid overcooking them in order to retain the water content