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What to do when an earthquake hits

Gowrish Babu
So it’s extremely important to know what to do when the quake strikes.
Here are the tips which you should follow during an earthquake.
If possible, immediately look for a safe open place, be it a field or a playground. That place should be away from high-rise buildings and electric poles and wires.
If at home, quickly turn off the stove and take cover at the first sign of shaking if you are in the kitchen.
During the tremor, do not use the elevator. The quake may lead to power cut, and the sprinkler system may be initiated.
If you are inside a building, cover yourself under a solid desk, table, or bed. Don’t be around glass panes or windows.
If you are outside, move away from buildings and utility wires. Stop your moving vehicles.
Don’t panic. Keep calm and also reassure others, especially children.
Don’t try to get out of the building as it may cause a stampede.
If possible free your pets so that can run away to a safe place.
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