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What to do in case of a heat related illness

Some remedies to follow in case you have a heatstroke
Immerse yourself in cool water. A bath of cold or ice water has been proved to be most effective to lower your core body temperature
Wrap yourself in a special cooling blanket and apply ice packs to your groin, neck, back and armpits
If you do not have air-conditioning at home, go someplace which has it such as a mall, movie theatre etc
If you are with someone with heat related symptoms cool the person by covering them with a damp sheet or by spraying cool water. Direct air onto the person with a fan
Drink plenty of fluids. Since you are losing salt replenish your self with salt and water or some sports drinks
Do not have sugary or alcoholic beverages to rehydrate as these drinks may interfere with your body’s ability to control temperature in your body.
Avoid very cold drinks as they could cause stomach cramps
Take a cool shower or bath. If you are outside then soaking in a cool pond or stream could bring your body temperature down