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What should be done upon receiving a cyclone warning?

When you receive a cyclone alert, a plan is vital to stay safe, there won't be time to think. Everyone needs to know what to do. Here are few tips that you can follow.
Leave early before your way to high ground or shelter gets flooded
Do not delay and run the risk of being marooned
Board up glass windows or put storm shutters in place.
Provide strong suitable support for outside doors.
If you do not have wooden boards handy, paste paper strips on glasses to prevent splinters.
Get extra food, which can be eaten without cooking.
If you have to evacuate the house move your valuable articles to upper floors to minimize flood damage.
Ensure that your hurricane lantern, torches or other emergency lights are in working condition and keep them handy.
Small and loose things, which can fly in strong winds, should be stored safely in a room.
Be sure that a window and door can be opened only on the side opposite to the one facing the wind.
Switch off the electrical mains in your house. Remain calm.