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What is vestibular hypofunction

Vestibular hypofunction explained
krishna murthy
Recently Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan revealed that he has vestibular hypofunction
He made the revelation during the India Today conclave in Mumbai
He revealed that this is a condition where your balance goes off
Here is what vestibular hypofunction is
This condition happens when the inner part of your ear does not work properly
Those persons suffering from this condition do not respond properly
Some of the common symptoms are dizziness, imbalance and postural instability
Those with this condition may experience oscillopsia, a form of visual disturbance
Sometimes this condition affects spatial memory, way-finding and learning
There is no permanent cure for this, but you can manage your symptoms
Consult your doctor for medication and physical therapy. Make sure the patient goes for regular checkups
Exercises at home such as yoga can be helpful. Say no to smoking and alcohol
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