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What do WL, RSWL, PQWL, GNWL on train tickets mean?

Gowrish Babu
Here is a list of the most common abbreviations used by the Indian Railways which everyone must know.
WL stands for Waiting List. Such ticket get confirmed only when someone cancels their tickets and WL passenger gets it instead.
RSWL is Roadside Station Waiting List. It is allotted when seats are booked by the departure station for routes up to the roadside station. Their chances of getting confirmed is very low.
PQWL is Under Pooled Quota Waitlist and is for those travelling between intermediate stations and have a separate waitlist from the general waitlist.
GNWL stands for General Waiting List (GNWL). It is the most common type of waitlist status generated for the ones who book their ticket from the origin/source station of the train.
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