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What are the benefits of eating dates?

Gowrish Babu
Mainly cultivated in middle east and North Africa, this nutritious fruit offer some pretty impressive health benefits. Read on to know more
Dates are a rich source of protective plant compounds which have antioxidant properties.
Dates are also rich in fibre and carbs which without a doubt make it one of the healthiest dry fruits.
Pregnant women who eat dates regularly have a higher chance of delivering by natural labour.
Studies reveal that the presence of a compound called beta D-glucan in dates is good in promoting anti-tumor activity within the body.
Dates can also be beneficial against deadly microbes such as E-coli and pneumonia.
Dates have the ability to increase the production of insulin and also have several properties. This can help a lot in reducing the risk that is posed by diabetes.
Some people may be allergic to dates. If you experience any discomfort after eating dates, consult doctor.
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