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Weirdest jobs around the world

krishna murthy
Check out some of the weirdest jobs around the world.
A woman was hired by a hotel in Finland as a ‘professional sleeper’ to write reviews to test their rooms and write all about them.
Netflix employs a team of part-time “taggers” whose job is to watch their content and label them with specific keywords to help viewers find what they’re looking for.
Snake milking is one of the weirdest jobs in the world where a milker's job is to extract venom from snakes which can be used to create a variety of drugs.
Did you know, there are jobs for testing dog food? Yes, dog food tester are given their food products including bones and biscuits.
There is a an underwater hotel in Florida that employees a man to deliver pizza to scuba divers in a watertight case.
In some South East Asian countries, people hire professional mourners to cry loudly.
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