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Winter drinks to beat the cold

Gowrish Babu
But sometimes it is a struggle to find something that is not soup or regular tea.
We bring to you 5 Indian hot drinks to warm up your winters.
Badam milk is a glass full of health and taste. Besides being comforting, it also fights off cold.
Noon chai or gulabi Kashmiri tea is a must-try. Made with gunpowder tea, milk and baking soda, it is also known as noon or namkin chai.
Don’t forget to take masala chai. It can also make your body warm.
You can give kesar or saffron milk a try. The aroma and flavour of kesar is stressbuster.
Kahwa tee can also be another good choice. Prepare with Kashmiri green tea leaves simmered in water with whole spices, crunchy nuts, dried fruits, and saffron.
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