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Travelling during Monsoon? Here are Essential Tips

Monsoon season is the right time to enjoy the beauty of the nature, but weather in this season is quite unpredictable. So, here we are giving essential tips to the travellers.
Check weather forecast
Before leaving for the trip, check the weather forecast of the place you are going, especially you are heading for hilly regions.
Medicines and Repellents
It is advised to carry medicines and repellents as a precautionary measure. In case you are in a mosquito-prone area, it is best to have an insect repellent in hand.
Carrying synthetic clothes
Travelling in monsoon means there are high chances of you getting wet. So, prefer wearing synthetic clothes.
Avoid getting infected with infections by having street food which are exposed to a plethora of germs and diseases and avoid outside water.
Carry a hairdryer
You might get cold after getting caught in rain. So, it is better to have a hairdryer.
Raincoats and Umbrellas
Don't forget to carry raincoats and umbrellas while travelling in monsoon.
Waterproof Covering for Gadgets
An inexpensive way of giving additional security to your gadgets is to lock them inside waterproof bags.