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Tomato Fever Cases in Kerala: Know All About The Disease, Symptoms Ker

Kerala registers 82 cases of 'Tomato Flu' or 'Tomato Fever', as per the local media. The state health department is closely monitoring the situation, So, what is 'Tomato Fever'?
Tomato fever is an unidentified fever found mostly in Kerala. However, it is unclear whether the disease is a viral fever or an aftereffect of chikungunya or dengue fever.
Tomato fever symptoms: Those infected with the disease have rashes almost the size of tomatoes and skin irritation and show signs of dehydration on the tongue.
Some patients have claimed that worms had come out of the boils that develop on the rashes. High fever, body aches, joint swelling, fatigue, rashes of the size of tomatoes and irritation in the mouth, discolouration of the hands, knees, buttocks, etc.

Those infected by the disease are advised to consume a lot of fluid, rashes should not be scratched, people should maintain distance from the infected person.
It is important for the patient affected by 'Tomato Fever' and people around him to maintain cleanliness.
Need to take proper rest as the fever, in many cases, lasts for a week.