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Tips to save cooking gas in kitchen

With LPG prices soaring, easy tips to save gas
Wipe your plates and pans dry. Don’t use gas when the vessels have water droplets on them. Use a kitchen towel to wipe them dry
Check pipes, burners and regulators for leaks. Small leaks go unnoticed and this will finish your gas sooner
Don’t overcook food. Keep an eye on the cooking time and check to see if all ingredients require cooking. Use a microwave to heat if needed
While cooking use a lid to cover your pan. Using a lid will ensure flames reach their sides and this would help in cooking more efficiently
Boil water and and keep it in a thermos flask. Next time you cook do not use the gas to boil water and make use of the water in the flask instead
Cook use low heat or simmer the gas. Try to steam your vegetables instead of boiling them
Always make sure you have the right portions when you cook. Measure what you cook so that you do not end up cooking more unnecessarily