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Tips to clean your copper bottle

krishna murthy
Copper bottles start looking dirty within a few months of use and cleaning them is a little tricky.
The techniques here will help you keep the bottle clean.
Use one spoon of salt with two spoons of vinegar to clean the bottle. After applying the mixture, rinse the mixture thoroughly and wash the bottle.
Mix baking soda with lemon juice or vinegar. Rub the mixture on the outside of the bottle and rinse thoroughly.
Cut a lemon into two halves. Just rub the bottle with lemon directly to remove any stains. You can add salt to scrub off any excess stains or dirt.
Clean the inside of a copper bottle using salt and lemon or vinegar, salt, warm water.
You can also use mixture of tamarind and water.
After cleaning, don't forget to clean it with cotton cloth and dry it well.
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