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Tips for new cat owners

krishna murthy
Cats are calm pets that can be easily handled and cared for.
If you are a beginner and wish to know about cat care, here are few basic tips for you.
Your cat will be a little shy at first, so try to make your home as welcoming as possible.
Never feed dog food to your kitten or even cat.
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After 8-10 months, you can feed your cat with some home food like boiled rice, yogurt and milk.
Do not need to bathe the kitten regularly. When the cat fur or coat starts smelling, then you can bathe the kitten with cold water.
Go out and play with your kitten. Physical activities will help be good for the growth and development of the kitten.
Make the kitten used to the eating, sleeping and potty place. Take them there regularly and this will make them learn.
Kittens need vaccinations. Consult your vet and do not miss a single vaccine.
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