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Things to remember before you head out to see snowfall

Gowrish Babu
And if you are planning to visit snowfall spots, you should keep these things in mind.
Before you decide your travel dates, do check out the weather predictions.
Snow makes the roads slippery and thus, it becomes risky to drive. So, either book a cab for your travel or make sure you drive very carefully.
Weather in mountains is very unpredictable. So, keep ample food supply in your vehicle.
At times, the accommodation options get filled well in advance. So, book your stay in advance.
Goes without saying that , keeping enough warm clothes is a must.
Do keep a stock of all the essential medicines.
When the weather gets cold, the skin gets dry. So, carry good skin care products for the weather.
If it is really cold outside, your mobile or camera battery can drain faster. So keep power banks handy.
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