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These are the most common passwords Indians use

Most commonly used passwords
krishna murthy
NordPass recently shared its annual report on the commonly used passwords in 2022
The report said that 3.5 lakh people used ‘password’ as their password to sign up
Topping the list is ‘password’ followed by 123456 and 12345678
The most common and fourth weakest password is BigBasket
This password takes five minutes to crack and is used by 75,000 Indians
The other weak passwords are @123, 1234567890, anmol123, abcd1234 and googledummy
Around the globe the most commonly used passwords are vip, 123456 and guest
Please do use long and complicated passwords for safety and security
Always ensure that your password includes different alphabets, mix or upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols
Do not create a password that holds personal information
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