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These 6 Household Items that can be Used as Workout Equipment

Don't have gym or workout equipment at home? You can use these day-to-day household items for doing your daily workouts.
Chair or stool
You can use dining chair or a stool to do triceps exercise and incline push-ups.
A towel:

A towel can be used for more than merely wiping away sweat after a workout. To make a DIY resistance band, simply draw it straight between your hands.
Water bottles or soup cans:

You can use one in each hand for some lighter arm workouts because an eight-ounce water bottle weighs about one-and-a-half pounds. Cans are a bit lighter, but they can also be used as light weights.
A sack of sugar or flour:

If you're thinking of doing some weight lifting, you could get any of these sacks and put them in your "home gym," where you can conveniently use them.
Vacuum Cleaner:

To get some at-home sled pushes, pile some weight on top of your vacuum cleaner and move it around the room.
A backpack:

To add some extra poundage to your bodyweight moves, fill a backpack with cans and bottles. Wear it for squats, lunges, pushups, or when you're running up and down the stairs.