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The Rajapaksa clan: Leader, Terminator, Mr. 10%

The Rajapaksas are under fire for the economic meltdown in Sri Lanka
The leader: Mahinda Rajapaksa (76) is the leader of the clan. He was president for a decade before which he was prime minister of Sri Lanka in 2004
Mahinda is a favourite with the Sinhala Buddhist majority as he crushed the Tamil rebels in a military offensive which ended the civil war
The Terminator: Mahindra’s brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa (72) is the President of Sri Lanka. He is referred to as the terminator by his family due to his short temper
Gotabaya who has a military background had in 2009 led the government crackdown which crushed the Tamil separatist rebels after years of civil war
Mr. Ten Per Cent: Basil Rakapaksa is referred to as Mr. 10 per cent for the commissions he took from government contracts
All cases against Basil were dropped under Gotabaya and he was made the finance minister before he along with the entire cabinet resigned in April
Chamal Rajapaksa: The 79 year old sibling in the Rajapaksa clan was irrigation minister. His son made a disastrous decision to ban chemical fertiliser imports
Namal: The 36 year old son of Mahinda ran the sports ministry. He was touted as a future leader before the crisis broke out