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The cheapest and costliest place where Petrol is sold in India

Which cities in India sell the cheapest and costliest fuel
Petrol and diesel prices have not been hiked for over a week now. The rates have remained stagnant in the country
Petrol is selling as high as Rs 123.47 and as low as Rs 91.45 a litre in certain places in the country
In Parbhani, Maharashtra, the prices of petrol are the costliest. A litre of petrol costs Rs 123.47 a litre in Parbhani
Petrol is cheapest in Port Blair. The Indian Oil says that the price of petrol in Port Blair is Rs 91.45 a litre
Oil companies had increased the price of petrol and diesel 14 times in which it became costlier by Rs 10.20
The process and diesel change every day at 6 am. In case of any change in prices, the same is applicable from 6 am onwards
The prices of petrol and diesel become almost double the cost as VAT, excise duty, dealer commission are added to it