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The best way to beat the heat

A few steps on how to beat the heat this summer
There is no respite from the heat. It continues to get hotter with each passing day and the rains too are not in sight
Stay hydrated is one the best ways to deal with the heat. Drinking water helps maintain liquidity in your body which is lost very easily due to heat
Did you know that taking a shower with lukewarm water helps. Lukewarm water cools your bloodstream. Taking a cold shower in fact makes you feel hotter
Eat light. Eating heavy meals can generate heat and make you uncomfortable thus making it harder for your body to digest food and metabolise it
Keep your toes cool. Putting a wet cloth and soaking your feet in cool water for some time will reduce heat and help you relax
Always wear loose and light coloured clothes. Wearing dark coloured clothes can make you more sweaty
Avoid drinking tea and coffee as caffeine and nicotine can increase the core temperature of your body