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Summer rains bring relief to Bengaluru

After a hot and humid build-up over the past week, sudden thundershowers on Monday evening brought some relief to Bengalureans.
Overcast skies coupled with moderate rains in some areas rescued Bengalureans from the sizzling summer heat on Wednesday
Though the day began sunny, light to moderate showers were reported in some places in the afternoon and evening.
Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre’s (KSNDMC) predicted Isolated to widespread very light to moderate rains with isolated heavy rains likely over SIK and Malnad regions, isolated to widespread very light to moderate rains likely over Coastal districts and isolated very light to light rains likely over NIK region.
Rain came as a relief to the people of Bengaluru and this wet conditions is expected to continue for four days till April 17.
The rain slowed traffic to a crawl in many places, including MG Road, and Vivek Nagar.
Meanwhile, Unexpected rain in Bengaluru is both bliss and mystery but no one seems to be complaining. See how netizens reacted to the sudden change in weather: