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Summer eye care tips

How to protect your eyes during summer
The cruel summer has impacted everyone. Due to the scorching heat, we are sure everyone faces an eye burn or irritation
When you step out, make sure you wear sunglasses. Just as sunscreen lotion is essential for the skin, sunglasses are for the eyes
The use of eye drops can help a great deal. Eye drops keeps your eyes lubricated, which will prevent drying of the eyes
Take ample care while applying sunscreen lotion near the eyes. Due to high SPF content in sunscreen lotions, it could cause irritation and chemical burns
Always keep yourself hydrated. A good intake of fluid is very good for the health of your eyes
Restrict your movement in the Sun during the later hours of the morning and afternoon unless very essential. This is to protect your eyes from bright and UV rays
While undertaking activities such as swimming or working outside your home always wear eye protection such as glasses, helmets shields or goggles