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Suggestions to save household gas

How to save LPG
Use a pressure cooker as pressurised steam ends up cooking faster while using lesser amount of gas
Clean your burners regularly. This will help you save more fuel
Keep your ingredients ready. Some have the tendency to turn the gas on and then hunt or the ingredients.
Use the right cookware and make sure you match the size of your recipes. Larger cookware takes up more gas to get heated up
Soak your food before cooking them. Soaking unlocks the nutrition stores in the food and speeds up the cooking process
Since your cookware retains heat from the flames, switch off the flame before you finish cooking. The heat from the cookware is enough to complete the process
Thaw food and then cook. Do not thaw it on the stove as this ends up using more LPG
Other suggestions: Check for leaks, use dry pans, do not overcook, use a lid on the pan, use low heat, measure what you cook