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Sugar-free mithai recipes for Diwali 2022

Mithai recipes for Diwali
krishna murthy
It is the perfect time to enjoy some sweets as Diwali is just round the corner
However, be careful if you are battling high blood sugar or obesity as sugar may not be good for you
Here are some healthy sugar-free mithai recipes for you
For an almond burfi grate khoya, then cook it on a low flame and after four minutes remove it from heat. Add roasted almonds and you can add sugar-free syrup to it
Dry roast coconut in a pan and add milk and stir for five minutes. Add cardamom power and mix
Add jaggery powder and cook for five minutes and then turn off the flame. Once it cools down cut into the shape of a burfi. You have your coconut burfi
To make date laddoos add dates and heat in a pan until it turns soft. Blend the dry fruits and keep aside
Mix the dates and nuts well and take small portions and roll them to form laddoos
To make a gud Mysore Pak, roast besan in a pan on a low flame and take some ghee and mix it with the besan. Ensure that no lumps are formed
Prepare a jaggery syrup and add besan-ghee mixture to it. Grease a tray with butter and pour the batter and let it rest for 20 minutes
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