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Steps to take if you transferred money to wrong UPI address

krishna murthy
However, what do you do if you have transferred the money to a wrong UPI address?
Follow these steps if you made such a mistake.
Raise the issue at the support section of the respective UPI app.
Reach out to the BHIM toll-Free number 18001201740 and raise the issue.
Take a screenshot of the message and contact your bank by phone or email.
No, a transaction once made cannot be reversed. Customers are requested to check beneficiary details before transacting.
A successful transaction cannot be reversed unless the beneficiary refunds it on their own.
You can try and raise a collect request (for VPA based transactions) and hope that the user will return the same. However, there is no guarantee that your amount will be reversed.
If the individual refuses to refund it, you can take a legal route and file a complaint against him.
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