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Solar Eclipse 2022 on April 30: What NOT to do during Surya Grahan

When the total solar eclipse takes place onApril 30, sky watchers are advised to use safe viewing equipment and proper techniques.
The infrared and ultraviolet rays of the Sun can cause severe retinal damage.
Don't use ordinary sunglasses, smoked glass, X-ray film, stacks of negative film to view the eclipse.
Never look at the sun directly through a telephoto lens of a camera or through a telescope, it can harm your eyes.
Never look at the reflection of an eclipse in water, colored or otherwise.
Remember, even when 99 per cent of the surface of the Sun is covered by the moon during partial eclipse, the remaining light is still intense enough to damage the eye.
Use of unsafe filters like smoked glass, polarising filter, sun glasses, photographic neutral density filters, colour films are not advised to view the solar phenomenon.